Jen Taylor
Lifestyle Coach

Meet Jen Taylor, a passionate and experienced professional in the field of wellness and holistic healing. With a diverse background as a COTA/L (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant), CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher), Ayurveda Wellness Coach, Hospice Liaison, and Pro Yoga Healer, Jen is dedicated to guiding individuals towards a life of vibrant well-being.

Jen's journey in the healing arts has been shaped by her unwavering commitment to empowering others in their pursuit of balance, joy, and self-discovery. With a unique ability to blend therapeutic expertise with the transformative power of yoga and artistic expression, she brings a fresh and innovative approach to her work.

As a COTA/L and Hospice Clinical Liaison, Jen possesses a deep understanding of the physical and emotional challenges faced by individuals in midlife who are experiencing burnout and fatigue from high-stress jobs. Her compassionate nature and extensive experience allow her to offer personalized support and guidance, helping clients find renewed purpose, resilience, and vitality.

In addition to her expertise in occupational therapy and hospice care, Jen is a CYT and Pro Yoga Healer and has done some deep work in other areas such as Yin-Based Trauma-Informed Yoga, Steel Mace—Flow training, WFPB nutrition training, and more. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of ancient practices, she guides individuals on a transformative journey through yoga, promoting strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Her yoga sessions provide a safe and nurturing space for self-exploration, encouraging clients to tap into their inner flow and create a lifestyle that aligns with their authentic selves. Before going into occupational therapy, she taught painting and life drawing at the university level, kept a daily journal practice for over 30 years, walked the pilgrimage to Santiago, apprenticed in 5-star kitchens, and traveled all over the world.

Beyond her healing and therapeutic work, Jen is an accomplished artist. Embracing the spirit of Jimi Hendrix's words, "Bold as Love," she infuses her artistic creations with passion, vibrancy, and a touch of whimsy. Through her art, she seeks to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and live with unapologetic authenticity.

With Jen Taylor as your guide, you can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being, rediscover your true self, and cultivate a life that resonates with your deepest desires. Experience the power of her compassionate guidance and unlock your potential for personal growth, wellness, and self-expression.

Book your free consultation with Jen today and embark on a transformative journey towards a life that is truly "Bold as Love."

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